Cut the Fluff: How To Choose Dental Video Topics That Your Viewers WANT To Watch


It’s one thing to produce a video for your marketing campaign. It’s another to create a captivating, visual work of art that makes a lasting impression on your target audience.

A compelling video can open up the portals to an emotional connection. The gravitational pull of an attention-grabbing video can’t be ignored. Users know good storytelling when they say it.

Nonetheless, they’ll stop scrolling through their feeds for a video that’s worth watching.

It’s the valuable takeaways from a video that provide a memorable viewer experience. It’s the “WOW” factor that makes videos go viral, and turns your viewers into brand evangelists who freely share your content.

The key ingredient for that magical experience? Your topics.

For some people, topic ideation can be the toughest part of the content creation process. If you’re feeling stuck (or your content idea bank is running a little low), we’re here to help you out.

With our team’s approach, we’re able to find dental topic ideas in every nook and cranny of the world wide web. Follow our strategies to keep the steady flow of ideas coming for your dental practice.

Cater to Your Patients’ Viewing Preferences

Your patients are your #1 source of inspiration for content ideas. Although it may seem like they wouldn’t be much help, they know the content that they want to see better than anyone else.

They can also provide insight on the topics that hooked them in the first place. That way, you can “rinse and repeat” them to lure more patients in.

If it helps, send a survey, or host a focus group to hear their input and ideas. It’s a valuable investment for your strategy.

Frequently asked questions are another gold mine for topic ideas. Aside from what your patients ask you at appointments or over the phone, you can find other FAQ’s in your email inquiries and social media comments. Keep tabs on them by adding them to a spreadsheet.

Niche groups, Reddit threads, and Q&A websites like Quora are other great places to find good topics. Although the ideas don’t come directly from your patients, they’re at least coming from users who fit your target audience.

See What Your Competitors Are Doing

You can learn a lot from your competitors—including their marketing strategies. Don’t look the other way because of the fact that they’re the “other company.” Evaluating their existing content is a form of competitor research, and you should leverage the opportunity at all costs.

Their public stats (e.g., video views and likes) should be enough to tell you what’s working with their strategies, and what’s not.

Their highest-performing content can be used as inspiration for video topics you haven’t covered—just as long as you make them your own.

As for their lowest-performing videos, find the missing gaps of their content to see if there’s an opportunity to make a better video.

Have a “Brain Dump” with Your Team

The truth is, your receptionists, dental assistants, and associate dentists probably know your patients better than you.

They’re the ones interacting with your patients (and prospects) on a daily basis, including through phone calls and emails.

It helps to appoint them as your eyes and ears for potential topics ideas. Occasional brainstorming sessions are also a surefire way to keep the ideas coming.

Their insider knowledge is more valuable than you can imagine.

Take Notes from the Media

What’s trending in the news about dental care? A buzzing news story is not only timely and relevant. It also serves as the perfect video topic idea.

Keep your eyes peeled for content covering the current events of the dental industry. There’s nothing wrong with repurposing that content for your own benefit. While newsjacking might feel a little copycattish, it really isn’t. Trending topics are fair game in the content marketing world.

If anything, these stories can boost your authority as a dental expert and thought leader. The key to success with newsjacking is to share the facts of a story while putting you own spin on it.

Find Ideas Within Your Data

Your existing content is another thing you can build off of. When it comes to making wise marketing decisions, the answers are in your data.

The best approach to video marketing is a data-driven approach. Before you launch a campaign, it’s important to set up the analytics.

With the information that a data analytics report can provide, you’ll know how to pivot your strategy for better results.

Your top-performing videos can be recycled, and your blog content can be repurposed into videos. Don’t think that since you used the topics once, you can’t use them again. Marketers recycle content all the time.

Your data research efforts aren’t just limited to the analytics for your content. Platforms like BuzzSumo can offer data-driven insights into high-performing videos that other marketers have published.

In turn, you can piggyback off of those ideas and make them work for your brand.

Get Your Wheels Turning!

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The Do's & Don'ts of Dental Video Marketing - A Quick Overview of What Your Dental Practice Should Be Doing With Video


Video marketing is the anchor of today’s digital marketing strategy. With the average attention span being shorter than ever, consumers appeal to videos because of their digestible nature.

Video has proven to be a powerful means for brand awareness, driving solid results for many businesses.

If your practice wants to win with digital marketing in 2019, your strategy should a) do the legwork of building your brand, and b) hook your audience with engaging content.

Video marketing is the perfect medium for killing those two birds with one stone—and then some. It’s so effective that it can convert your website traffic into actual foot traffic.

Not only that, but from a branding standpoint, video can communicate how your practice is different from the competition.

What’s most appealing about video marketing, is the fact that it’s a cost-effective strategy with a high return-on-investment. That is, when it’s done right.

You can’t just throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks. You’ll blow through your budget that way—with no ROI in sight.

If you want to set up your video marketing campaigns for success, you have to be strategic with your execution and promotion of them.

Do that, and you’ll have yourself a well-thought-out campaign that cuts through the noise on social media (and possibly the search engines).

To steer your strategy in the right direction, we’ve put together our list of do’s and don’t for dental video marketing.

DO: Publish Valuable Content Your Audience Can Learn From

If you want your videos to get noticed, follow these golden rules: provide more value for your audience than your competitors. Give just enough information away for your audience to keep begging for more. These are the keys to share-worthy video content.

We know that we’re stating the obvious, but time and time again, we see videos with more focus on the companies than the user’s actual needs.

In order to grab the attention of your target audience, it’s important that your videos speak to them directly.

Who are they? What are their pain points? Where are they located? How often should they come in for dental care? Why should they choose your practice over the other ones?

And most importantly, what are the questions that they have that need answering? You need to know your target audience better than they know themselves. With these details, you can target your videos to the RIGHT people—at the RIGHT time.

As a dental practice, you can’t go wrong with educational or informative content. The trick is to focus on audience-captivating topics that are relevant and timely.

Viewers will eat up a good how-to video like ice cream, and newsjacking can position you as a credible source for industry updates. They both count as share-worthy content that could further expose your brand to new faces.

DON’T: Go Overkill with the Promotional Content

Consumers don’t like being sold to—plain and simple. They’re not going to sit and watch a video that screams, “BUY MY PRODUCT,” or “IT’S ALL ABOUT US (meaning your practice).”

Promo-heavy videos are a surefire way to turn them off. The last thing you want to do is make a bad first impression.

As a general rule of thumb, content should be 80% entertaining/educational, and 20% promotional.

You don’t have to promote yourself to sell your brand. The value you provide does a great job of doing that on its own.

DO: Showcase the Behind-the-Scenes of Your Practice

Do you know what differentiates your brand from your competitors? Your team and your company culture.

Unless your dental practice has a signature treatment plan, or your offerings can’t be requested by any other dentist, “knowledge” or “skill set” won’t play that big of a role in your branding strategy.

And if you’re like most practices, your services are no different than the dentists nearby.

By sharing behind-the-scenes videos of your practice, viewers can envision what to expect when they come in. With “day in the life” videos of your staff, they can also get to know your team a little more.

DON’T: Share Videos that Heighten “Dental Phobia”

It’s rare to find people who are excited about a dental visit. In fact, most people are fearful of going to the dentist.

Think we’re exaggerating? Here are the facts: dental phobia affects 75% of the American population.

When sharing behind-the-scenes videos of your practice, it’s important to stay mindful about the angle.

Have you seen those dental videos on YouTube where you can watch all the gruesome details of a surgical procedure?

This is a perfect example of a content strategy that could heighten a person’s dental phobia.

It’s not a bad strategy, but it’s a risky one. Videos like this have gone viral. On the other hand, viral content doesn’t always get patients in the seats.

When a dental phobic person watches these videos, they’re probably doing so to see if they can handle the surgical procedures showcased.

But what if they can’t? What if they’re unconsciously psyching themselves out to avoid facing their fears?

Don’t get us wrong—some viewers are fascinated by these videos. It’s just better to be safe than sorry. Create videos content that eases the viewers’ fears of visiting the dentist. It’s the best way to go.

DO: Optimize Your Videos for Maximum Exposure

Video content is an effective way to get your business found in the search engines (e.g., Google). As for the level of effectiveness, that all depends on your optimization strategy.

By “optimization,” we mean search engine optimization. If you think that one YouTube video will get you found on Google, guess again.

It’s not that simple. Proper video optimization requires an attention-grabbing headline, a killer description, and meta tags that all match the searcher’s intent.

If you’re not confident about your video optimization strategy, our experts at Get Practice Growth can set you up for success. Schedule a time to chat with us about your needs.

DON’T: Prioritize the Algorithms Over the Viewers

In an attempt to “beat the search algorithms” for maximum exposure, some companies go overboard with their SEO strategies. By that, we mean that their content is designed to appeal to the algorithms more than the viewers.

We’re willing to bet that you’ve been a victim of the old “link-bait” trick. If you’ve ever clicked a video with one of those attention-grabbing headlines, but once you clicked over, the content was completely irrelevant to the title, that was link-bait.

It’s a spammy tactic that pisses a lot of people off, but some companies leverage it in a desperate attempt to get views. And surprisingly, it works.

Don’t be the dental practice that posts spammy link-bait. It’s a bad look for your brand. Instead of taking the easy way out, focus on quality more than quantity.

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