Ugliest Website Contest

In light of everything going on, everyone over at GPG has been racking their brains to figure out a way to give back to the community, while also having a little fun with it. After going back and forth over some great ideas, we decide to create GPG’s first ever “Ugliest Website Contest”. 

The rules are simple, submit your website for a chance to win a brand new website with no strings attached. We will be extending the submission deadline until the end of the next week, but the earlier you submit your website the more time your ugly website has to rack up those votes. Don’t forget to share with your friends and colleagues so they can help your ugly website win the makeover it’s deserved for too long. 

We will be announcing the 3 winners in Dr. Len Tau’s “Raving Patients” Facebook group on Monday, April 13th. 

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Want to Submit Your Website?

Fill out the form to submit your website to the “Ugliest Website Contest” for a chance to win a brand new custom website for FREE. For your submission to count, please fill out all the required fields. Don’t forget to share this page on Facebook so your friends and colleagues can vote!

Ugliest Website Contestants

These poor websites need our help, so check out our brave contestants and vote on the ugliest website below! Scroll through the list of contestants and vote at the bottom of the page!

1. www.akrondentalclinic.com

This website is an early staff favorite. Let’s help this Doctor out by voting for her. We need to get her websites out of the 90’s.

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2. www.snowyriverdental.com

The model on this homepage may or may not be apart of the Hemsworth family… 

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3. www.piscatawaydental.com

I don’t know about you, but I love carrying out around a little mirror to check out my teeth.

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4. www.tualatindentalcare.com

We have our first duplicate websites! See #5 below for confirmation.

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5. www.chehalisfamilydental.com

Yup, definitely the same templated website… maybe they’re related?

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6. www.somersetdentists.com

I knew who built this website without having to look at the signature on the bottom… Do you?
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7. www.ryesmiles.com

Not going to lie, I kinda sorta wish I was a kid again just so I could visit this office. #Marvel
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8. www.fiorfamdent.com

This website has some promise and is definitely on the right track with the use of video but definitely needs a facelift. 

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9. www.maysstreetdental.com

This site is also on the right track… using custom photos (or video) as header/banner images is always better than stock images.

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10. www.bestdentistfortlauderdale.com

This website came in as a late entrant, but I can definitely see why they’d nominate themselves! Let’s vote them in top 3 so we can give them the makeover they deserve!

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11. www.buckheadperiodontics.com

Yup, this website needs help big time. 

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Cast your vote here!

Please vote on the options below by clicking the “vote” button in box corresponding to your choice.

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As a reminder, we will be announcing the 3 winners in Dr. Len Tau's "Raving Patients" Facebook group on Monday, April 13th.