3 Powerful Types of Video to Have on Your Dental Website (and Why They Work)


Someone just moved to town and needs a dentist.

She starts researching on Google, and finds an endless string of dentists’ websites. She has little idea of what separates you from the dentist down the street.           

So she settles for the closest office.

But what if a compelling video montage of you and your staff warmly interacting with your patients had emerged amid the search results? It’s likely she would have clicked on your site, gotten a sense of what your practice is like, and perhaps felt enough of a connection to contact your office.

Sites incorporating video stand out in search results, because Google gives video content more ranking credit (search engine optimization [SEO] benefit) than text. But they also stand out because video because people are much more likely to click on a video search results than on text search results.

Here are suggestions on how and where to incorporate three types of video into your site to great effect. All can be pulled from one longer video.

The most important real estate on your website is your homepage, especially “above the fold” –the part visitors see immediately before scrolling.

A short video looping in the homepage’s header communicates much more than a static image could—and it lets you quickly highlight what you want visitors to know about your practice.

Here are ideas on what to include in your header video.

  • Use B-roll (ancillary footage you can intercut with your main footage) from your practice-overview and patient testimonial videos. Be sure to include footage of you and your staff interacting with patients that communicates how friendly your practice is.
  • If you have a beautiful waiting room, or features like iPads and TVs for patients use, highlight them.
  • Show your connection to the community. If you’re active in your community, you can add clips showing your participation at community events. You could also use drone footage of local scenery or landmarks.

Look at examples for inspiration. Here are examples of video headers:




Custom videography is preferable, but if you don’t have access to any, you can purchase stock video online from sources like Adobe StockGetty Images, and Shutterstock.

A practice overview video is extremely important to creating an emotional connection with potential patients. It’s where you communicate your brand, and why you’re a great dentist.

  • Did something happen that made you want to be a dentist? Share your story.
  • What separates you from your competition?
  • If you’re comfortable with getting your family involved, including them in the video is a great way to show the personal, even vulnerable, side of yourself that makes you relatable.
  • Include your best patient testimonials.

Here are examples of overview videos:

One Fine Smile Overview Video

Winning Smiles Family Dentistry (Dr. Chris Hoffpauir) Overview

Minali Dental Overview Video

Generations Family Dental Overview Video

After the header video, your overview video should be one of the first things people see.

I recommend this be in the section directly beneath your main call to action on the home page. It’s best to include text to the left of the overview to let the viewer know what it is. (People read left to right, so this helps with the user experience).

Online reviews strongly impact your search rankings (in a good way), which helps drive traffic to your website.

But once people arrive at your site, if they find video testimonials, your positive reviews are brought to life. They’ll be able to see and hear your patients share their positive experiences at your practice. This is one of the most effective things you can do with video marketing.

Patient testimonial videos are also the easiest kind of video to create. You can start today—just pull out your phone (after obtaining permission), and record your patients’ testimonials. Most patients will be happy to help and gain a little stardom.

Post video testimonials on your website and social media accounts, and encourage your featured patients to post links on their own accounts.

Examples of Patient Testimonial Videos:

AJS Dental Patient Trustimonial

Austin 3D Dental Patient Trustimonial

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