Attract new patients with Video Marketing

We’ve all heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well if that’s true then a video is a worth million! We have all felt the power of video. Who hasn’t teared up at a movie? Heck, my mom even cries during commercials.  Using video to grow your brand is not a new idea. What is new is how easy and affordable it has become for businesses of all sizes.  Not so long ago the only place where people went to watch video was TV. It was expensive to produce and even more expensive to get it on the air. Now we all carry TVs in our pockets, and there’s another screen on your desk, and maybe another one in your briefcase, and probably a dozen more in various places in your home and office. In Cisco’s latest Visual Networking Index, they say video traffic will more than quadruple by 2022 and account for 82% of all internet traffic. The internet, and in particular social media, has changed forever the way we consume information… anyone with a smart phone, a social media account, and a little creativity can produce great video and stream it to the world. And you can use that video to find highly qualified new patients who have sold themselves on your services before they even pick up the phone to call you.

Let’s look at it from the point of view of a patient who just moved to town. They have no idea what they need. If they are like most people, they are avoiding going to the dentist for a multitude of reasons. When they finally decide they need to go, they have no idea what separates you from the next dentist down the street. So, what do they do? They turn to Google and start their research. They open up a few tabs in their browser window and what do they find? A bunch of websites that look exactly the same, featuring stock photos, stock content, not much more than a virtual business card. They end up picking someone almost at random, usually the closest one.

How do we influence that patient choose to you?

By creating an emotional connection with them. And how do we create an emotional connection? By using patient centric marketing strategies focused on creating an unforgettable online experience. And what do you think people connect with and remember most? Video!

Let’s go over the key elements of creating a captivating homepage using video.

Video Header

The most important real estate on your website is your homepage, especially the part “above the fold”, the part that visitors see immediately, before scrolling. Instead of having a static image as the main element your home page, put in a video header, a short video playing on loop that highlights the most important things you want visitors to know about you and your practice. At Get Practice Growth,  we often use “b-roll” footage we get from overview videos, patient testimonial videos, and our Video SEO services. You can purchase stock video headers online, but they won’t have the personal connection you really want.

Another easy way to strengthen your connection the local community is to use drone footage of local scenery or landmarks. Even better, if you are active within your community, add video clips of your participation at community events to show your connection to the community. Be sure to include footage of the doctor and staff interacting with patients, showing off what a friendly environment your practice is. Do you have a beautiful waiting room with iPads and TV’s for patients to use while they wait? Put that in as well. This is your first impression, make it a good one!

Examples of Video Headers:




Practice Overview Video

This is your chance you tell your brand’s story. It should be one of the first things that people see on your website. Typically, we recommend this video to be in the section directly beneath your main “call-to-action” on the home page. It’s best to include some text to the left of the overview to let the viewer know what it is. (People read to left right so this helps with the user experience). I have included a picture a below to show what I mean.

Your overview video is extremely important in creating that critical emotional connection. This is where you can show, not just tell, the world WHY you are a great dentist. Tell you’re your story. Did something happen to you in your life that made you want to be a dentist? Everyone knows you are a doctor and your goal is to enhance the quality of your patients’ lives, but what separates you from your competition? If you are comfortable with it, get your family involved in the video as well. Show that personal, even vulnerable side of yourself that makes you human. If you have patient testimonials, pick your best one and put it in as well. This is your first and best chance to start building that personal connection.

Examples of Practice Overview Videos:

Lori Logan, DDS – Practice Overview Video

Ramona Dental Group Overview

Chris Hoffpauir, DDS – Practice Overview Video

Video Patient Testimonials

This is one of the strongest elements of video marketing, and frankly the easiest for any practice to start doing right away. We all know about the power of online reviews. Online reviews help drive traffic to your website and strongly affect your search rankings. But reading text only does so much. Once that traffic gets to your website, you need to drive home what an amazing doctor you are. Having video testimonials on your website allows your visitors to watch your patients talk about their experience with you. It can help alleviate their anxieties and concerns because they are able to see how happy your patients are and how much they like you. And the best part – you can start doing this today! Pull out your phone, record your patient testimonials (be sure to get their permission), and then post it on your website and social channels! Most patients are happy to help and welcome the chance to gain a few minutes of stardom. Be sure to encourage them to post links on their own media so their friends can witness their debut performance.

Examples of Patient Testimonial Videos:

Patient Testimonial Video (Dr. Chris Hoffpauir)

Patient Testimonial Video (Dr. Naomi Sever)

In our next article, we will talk about Video Search Engine Optimization and why this innovative technique will boost your site to page 1 in no time! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly via email at pete@getpracticegrowth.com.

Pete Johnson

Cofounder & Chief Revenue Officer

Get Practice Growth


End Notes:

The statistics referenced in the article come from Cisco, Hubspot, Think With Google (Google), and from my years of experience in dental marketing. On top of the data from the credible sources mentioned above, we have our own internal data to back up these claims