How Custom Video Marketing Improves Your Dental SEO


Video content has been on the tip of every marketer’s tongue for quite some time now. With ever-increasing relevance, video is set to reach its peak in 2020.

As a palatable form of storytelling, it has proven to be more engaging and memorable than other form of content. Once a suggestion, it is now a necessity for today’s marketing initiatives. Dental marketing, specifically, can benefit from the incorporation of video content.

At Get Practice Growth, we craft compelling patient testimonials, practice overview videos, and explanations of procedures that instill a sense of trust in patients. Not only are these forms of media engaging and informative, but they also bolster SEO efforts significantly.

Are you ready to conquer your dental video marketing in 2020? Here are some reasons why your search engine optimization efforts will benefit from a quality video. 

Videos Increase Session Duration

It’s no secret that videos are more attention-grabbing than words. As consumers, we’re more willing to watch a quick tutorial than read a handbook. The same goes for dental marketing. When a potential patient scrolls through a website, they’re more likely to pause for a catchy clip than a wordy paragraph. Attractive visuals, inviting music, and enticing spoken word are all aspects that make video more appealing to the average user. When videos are fully optimized, they will keep users intrigued and tapped into your message.

One of the ways that Google gauges a site’s value is through the average amount of time spent on a website. Videos are attention-grabbing, deterring users from leaving the site quickly. Not only do they attract attention, but they’re more likely to maintain it. According to Vidyard, the average retention rate for videos is 52%. Additionally, about 68% of people will watch a business video all the way through if it’s less than 60 seconds long. If a clip is over 20 minutes, the average retention rate for completion is 25%.

Video has the ability to stop a user in their tracks unlike any other form of marketing. When a user lands on a dental website and is greeted with a smiling face with a great message, they’ll stick around for a while.

Videos Are More Likely To Garner Backlinks

One of the most prized achievements of SEO is the beloved backlink. Backlinks are links that connect users to your content from another website. For example, if a user links to your practice while raving about the experience on Facebook, that’s known as a backlink. When a site accumulates these links, Google sees this as a nod of assurance that your content is credible and meaningful to others. In response, this will increase your ranking on a search engine results page.

So, what does this have to do with video? Videos are much more likely to be shared than other forms of content. According to G2 Crowd, social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. A user is way more likely to share an engaging video with friends and followers than a paragraph of text or a site itself. Other users and marketers know the value of video, and when they’re unable to make one themselves, they often source quality videos from other websites. Therefore, custom video that is optimized and engaging can generate backlinks for you and benefit other websites — offering a mutually beneficial experience.

Videos Can Easily Be Shared

 Videos on websites can easily be repurposed as marketing material to be utilized across multiple platforms. They can be shared on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and of course, YouTube. With impressive retention rates, they’re likely to reach and intrigue a new audience on diverse sets of platforms. With optimized links, and the occasional ad spend, you’ll discover a whole new set of potential patients when sharing videos. 

Adding this additional entry point to your content will increase your site’s click through rate. Increased visits tells Google what you’re selling is worth buying, and in return, Google will help you climb higher in search engines. Sharing your own videos can also lead to more shares from other users, increasing the number of backlinks to your site, and its overall value. Sharing your own videos can also lead to even more shares from other users. These new backlinks will nod to Google that your site is worth visiting.

Additionally, using video as marketing collateral across multiple platforms saves time and energy. Marketers can repurpose quality videos instead of using their resources on new content. A strong video can take your message far on its own, so you can focus on providing the quality care you’re known for.

Google Loves Video!

Google loves high session durations, visits to sites, and quality backlinks. On top of all of this, Google also simply loves video! It knows the value of its high retention rates and visual power, and rewards websites that leverage this. If your site features diversified content, such as text, quality visuals, and videos, Google sees it as varied and informative.

Large videos that used to slow down loading speeds and clutter a page may have negatively affected rankings in the past, but in 2020, this is no longer the case. Video integration is now seamless due to recent advancements, so marketers and Google can now simultaneously reap all the benefits of a great video.

Videos Grab Attention & Appeal to Emotion

Videos, especially within dental marketing, can appeal to emotion and retain attention spans more than any other form of content. Patient testimonial videos share stories that are relatable and uplifting, evoking inspiration. A dentist’s personable overview of their practice and procedures can instill credibility and an invaluable sense of trust.

When patients become emotionally invested and trust a practice, they’re more likely to seek it out and return again and again. Video can instill sentiment more than any other form of content. Visuals, real faces, and real emotions convey feeling far more effectively than written word.

Envision a patient seeking treatment for a cracked tooth they have been insecure about for years. If they stumble across a page with a testimonial video, before-and-after imagery, procedure explanations, and real faces projecting real relief and gratitude, they’ll imagine themselves with the same results. The resulting sense of solace and relief is what will make your practice stand out.

Emotion-evoking video is great for your practice and patients because it instills a sense of transparency. It leads to conversions, clicks, and satisfied patients. If a website is attracting more clicks and retaining visitors, it will climb higher in the search results. Google is more savvy than ever and it appreciates sites that it knows its users will love. Gone are the days where keyword stuffing and black hat tricks boost your rankings. Nowadays, authentic content is what matters. If you craft a website that appeals to the needs of your patients, Google will reward you with the ranking you deserve.

Video is the New Search

Did you know that YouTube is now the world’s second most popular search engine? Today’s users are now typing in the same queries they use on Google into YouTube, hoping to find engaging and informative results in video form. Dental research is no exception. Today’s users are more savvy than ever, and perform extensive research before making purchase decisions. The easiest way to learn about dental procedures is through video and the number one place to do that is on YouTube. Posting informative and educational videos on this platform will make your practice a credible voice in the field. Users love to see firsthand the process and results that they’re seeking, and will trust those who provide that information.

Videos can be optimized similar to how web pages are —with search-friendly titles and keywords. If you make a video searchable, relevant, and engaging, you’ll likely attract a variety of visitors through this new and growing form of search.

At Get Practice Growth, we offer a variety of video services. With patient testimonials, practice overview videos, and content that explains procedures, we capture the essence of who you are and all the good you do. Contact us today to see how we can help your practice reach more patients.