How Patient Personas Can Help You Attract Your Preferred Dental Patients - And Why It's Important To Know Your Target Audience


All patients don’t share the same personality traits, pain points, or dental needs. As a dental practice, it serves your best interests to be selective of the patients you attract.

Locals who have an exact need for your dental services are out there, searching for a dental practice that’s just like yours.

And not only that, but they fit the profile of someone who would love to experience what your dental practice offers.

You just have to know who they are and where to find them.

Once you can pinpoint those details, your video campaigns will perform a lot better, and you’ll have an easier time attracting the perfect patient.

Dental Patient Personas Defined

Good video marketing tells an amazing story. And as we all know, a story can’t be brought to life without its characters.

As dental marketers, we identify those characters as dental patient personas. A patient persona represents a fictional profile of a specific market segment.

They help dental practices identify who their niche(s) of ideal patients are, which supports their efforts to attract the patients they really want. On average, most practices have 3-5 personas that they cater to.

If you want your practice growth to soar, you must have clarity on your target audience and the segments that they can be compartmentalized into.

Patient personas are a great way to avoid the “one-size-fits-all” marketing approach. Generic marketing can sometimes send the message that you want to be everything to everyone.

Your marketing materials won’t have the same effect on 55-year-old empty nester with great insurance, and 22-year-old college grad who is unemployed with no insurance coverage. These are two completely different market segments with distinct needs.

The messaging of the campaign might attract one persona, but completely miss the mark with the other. It’s a prime example of generic marketing.

With highly targeted campaigns for each persona, you’ll at least know that the messaging and campaign materials are perfectly tailored to the personas’ needs.

Some consumers act faster when you have video campaigns that speak directly to them. When they’re really feeling those pain points, and they’re looking for a solution that fits perfectly for their needs, why wouldn’t they jump at the offer?

Speaking their language serves as an advantage to both you and them. It’s one of the most effective ways to draw your audience to your practice.

Why They Are Important for Your Dental Video Marketing Strategy

The old saying that “you can’t please everybody” reigns true in the marketing world.

You can be the most brilliant dentist in this country, and yet, some people would still have something to complain about. Thankfully, you can also repel the patients you don’t want through your marketing efforts.

Successful persona targeting (mainly) falls on the messaging. Before a consumer buys from you, they want assurance that you get them, and that your solutions are designed to solve their problems once and for all.

To potential patients, impactful messaging is relatable. It feels like a one-on-one conversation between them and the brand.

That’s why dental patient personas are so important. They serve as a guideline for how to communicate effectively with each persona.

What Patient Personas Can Tell You About Your Target Audience

Now we’re getting to the fun part. Patient personas are easy to create, and the process is quite enlightening.

They provide clarity on the following details about your target audience:

  • Demographics (e.g., age, gender, education, occupation)
  • Psychographics (e.g., hobbies and interests)
  • Geographics (e.g., location)
  • Behavioral Traits (e.g., personality and demeanor)

While they’re written on paper, personas describe the characteristics of an actual person. That’s why it’s common for them to have real-life names.

Getting your staff members involved with this process would help you tremendously. They know your customer base really well. As a result, their input could provide some valuable insight into your target market.

A big pow-wow would be good for the purpose of communicating your goals, and making sure that you team is on the same page with the people that your practice is targeting.

How to Communicate Effectively to Each Persona

Once your personas are brought to life, you’re ready to craft your messaging. The messaging should clearly communicate their needs and desires, and make it known that their pain points are ultimately understood.

A successful messaging strategy could be your biggest sales machine, converting your prospects into patients with ease. In order to succeed at this, separate messaging strategies are necessary for each persona.

Patty the preteen will speak a different language than Betty the baby boomer. Breaking those language barriers are exactly how you’re going to knock down those barriers, one-by-one.

The Power of Digging Deeper Into Their Pain Points

Connecting with a viewer not only requires that you speak their language, but you also have to get into their minds.

What is it that they want? What makes them tick? What are their values? Who is the villain in their story that’s stealing their peace of mind?

By knowing the answers to these questions, you can better determine whether your practice would be the right solution to their problems.

Be the Happy Ending In Your Patient’s Story

It pays to have a firm grasp of who your target audience. In the eyes of a marketer, knowledge of your patient personas is pure gold.

It’s the secret ingredient for a memorable user experience that lures them in, and converts them into raving fans.

With better targeting comes better results. Your patient personas will make a significant impact on your marketing goals.

If you’re unsure of how to create these patient personas on your own, our team of video marketing experts can help you get the ball rolling.