How To Appeal to Emotion on Your Dental Website


Emotional experiences leave a profound imprint on our short and long-term memories. What separates us from technology is the act of feeling. When users believe there’s a person, and not a machine on the other end of their interaction, they are way more likely to feel at ease. Dentistry and all other healthcare providers must tap into this as patients value trust more than anything when seeking these services.

If you establish trust, you’re way more likely to achieve a conversion, and even better, a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship. Amongst the myriad of practices for patients to instill their trust in, how can you make yours stand out? Stick to these three principles that will enhance your emotional connection.

Maintain Authenticity

When forming new relationships, one of the first characteristics we look for is authenticity. Even when searching for dental services, patients seek a service that feels genuine over something contrived. It’s important to make sure your website is reflective of your authentic nature so users can establish a connection.

Recognize Needs

We value being heard in our daily lives. When our needs are anticipated and we feel understood, a connection is established. On dental websites, it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of patients when describing your services. Tap into possible concerns, questions, and reactions when describing what you do. Not only will your content be informative, but it will also signal to your patients that you understand them.

Establish Your Voice

How you communicate with users says a lot about your relationship with them. Your tone of voice strongly determines your first impression. Typically, a warm and approachable tone bodes well with potential patients. Be sure to show sincerity and confidence without cluttering the copy with technical language.

Now, the key is to apply these concepts to different facets of your website. Different elements must work harmoniously in order to leave a lasting impact

Web Copy

Language binds us as humans. It conveys emotion, personality, conviction, and sentiment. Through words we let people know who we are, how we’re feeling, and why we do what we do. It’s these statements that establish trust between us.

When it comes to dental marketing, this still rings true.

The majority of dental copy is direct, to-the-point, and oftentimes vague. It can lack a human connection in an industry where trust is key. It may feel unnecessary to instill personality into this type of copy, but in a world where users crave authentic connections amid the noise, it’s critical to stand out with a unique voice.

The first step to crafting compelling dental copy is to simply hone in on who you are. Users love authenticity, and the only way to be authentic is to be yourself. Therefore, tap into your practice’s personality and express with passion what you do and why you do it. Let your users know of all of the good you do and what inspires you daily. Whether it be the satisfied smiles of patients, your drive for innovation, or simply your passion for dentistry, be authentic and real when defining who you are.

Additionally, it’s important to write copy that is approachable. Meaning, you want potential patients to feel comfortable and welcome when they land on your site. Conversational copy will put readers at ease. Be sure to avoid difficult medical terminology that may not resonate with those not in the dental field. If a user has to bounce away from your page to look something up, there is a chance that they may not return. Therefore, be sure to be descriptive and accommodating when detailing your services. Technical verbiage and textbook-style rundowns may be informative, but they also lack emotion. Therefore, guide your patients through the procedures with care by using approachable language.

Finally, be sure to smooth out your copy with fluid transitions. Choppy writing and run-on sentences will distract the reader from tapping into your message. A conversational flow that’s pleasurable to read will allow the reader to really absorb what you have to say. Storytelling is an art that is not just reserved for literature. Be sure to tell your story with precision and a bit of flair.


Dental Practice Photo Shoot - Professional
Dental Practice Photo Shoot - Fun!

When it comes to imagery, authentic photos are much more likely to elicit emotional responses. Many dental websites resort to stock photo websites when sourcing their pictures due to convenience and their decent quality. While this solution may feel tempting, consumers are more savvy than ever and immediately recognize when a photo is sourced. Additionally, practices run the risk of using the same photos as other practices when they tap into this pool.

Real photos of real patients, real smiles, and real dentists will separate your practice from the rest. Not only this, but it will also instill a sense of trust and an emotional response.

We are hard-wired to focus our attention on human faces. Interpersonal connection is vital for our happiness, which is why portraits often stop us in our tracks. Adding headshots to your website allows users to feel a human connection to your services. It puts a face to your mission, allowing them to feel more comfortable reaching out.

The benefit of showing off dental results is that you’re guaranteed to also be displaying a smile. While written testimonials can go a long way, providing imagery of results and the satisfaction it leaves on faces is priceless. Users will not only visualize what your care can do for them, but they will also look forward to the same feeling of contentment as seen in your photos. Happiness is contagious. Therefore, spread goodwill and excitement with the authentic photos that you share with potential patients.


Lights, camera, action! Video is more important than ever as it’s been proven to stop a user in its tracks more than any other form of content. It typically features enticing music, smiling faces, and an intriguing dialogue that’s hard to bounce away from. Utilizing video on your website will create an instant emotional connection with your users. There are several forms of dental video marketing, all which exude their own personality and evoke emotional responses.

Practice Overview Video

Practice overviews give dentists the chance to dive into the ethos of what they do. It lends the stage to their mission, motivation, and beliefs. A dentist may begin his practice overview explaining why they got into the field of dentistry and how their practice was formed. An inception story not only evokes nostalgia, but it also relays that the practice has a strong foundation with years of experience. Additionally, it’s important to discuss your driving motivator. If you’re known for your innovative techniques and cutting edge approaches, a video should relay that excitement with impassioned speech and inspired music. Family practices that are known for comfort and accommodating ways should add warmth to their content. Whatever your passion or motivator, be sure to authentically express this in your video to resonate with potential patients.

Patient “Trustimonials” Videos

When aiming to tug at the heartstrings, patient testimonials are your ticket to success. These videos place the spotlight on past and current patients where they can provide an overview of your services and how it has impacted them. Not only are visitors seeing the physical results of your work but they are also witnessing the resulting emotions. Happiness is infectious, especially when you see someone benefiting from a solution you’re interested in seeking.

Procedural/FAQ Videos

Procedure overviews are produced in order to provide a comprehensive and detailed explanation of what a procedure will involve. These videos are the most technical of the bunch but that doesn’t mean they’re void of emotion. Along with informing, these types of content are meant to instill credibility and establish trust. Be sure to speak with conviction and confidence. You’re the expert on the matter and if you present a calm nature, the patient will relax as well. Additionally, it’s important to avoid medical terminology a patient may not understand. Finding a nice balance between approachability and credibility is the key here.

Social Shorts

The types of video that receive the most engagement on Facebook, and other social media channels, are typically short and fun videos. While educational videos are good for showing off your expertise, and help with where Google ranks you, it’s equally as important to take off that white coat and have some fun! Oh and PS: Keep an eye on the app TikTok as a potential new advertising and content distribution channel.

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