Today's Top 3 Best Dental Websites - Take a look at some of our favorite websites


Your website is the first impression your practice makes online.

Why not make your first impression count and put your best foot forward! With people making decisions in a split second it’s becoming increasingly more important to capitalize on those crucial seconds after someone clicks on your link. Aside from being your first impression, your website is the foundation to any strong online strategy. Utilizing best practices in web design will help your website be found in search results and covert that traffic into new patients!

In this blog post we will go over today’s top 3 best dental websites and why we like them.

Why we love this great dental website: This website has multiple to call to actions “above the fold” and does a great job of utilizing “white space” to bring the viewers attention to where we want. In addition to the CTAs, this website has a beautiful video banner instead of a static image, making the first impression much more engaging. The internal pages of the website are easy to navigate to and also feature easy to watch videos giving the viewer the ability to educate themselves on the services available. 

Why we love this great dental website: Like the website above, this website does a great job of utilizing video for the hero section. Video immediately catches viewer’s attention and creates a more engaging experience. Further, this website does a great job of using colors not often found on a dental websites. We are all used to seeing the different shades of blue, while this website uses oranges and shades of grey. The internal pages are rich with content and photos, allowing users to easily navigate and find the info they are looking for. 

Why we love this great dental website: Hopefully you are catching on to the theme here… Custom video helps enhance the online patient experience and takes your website’s aesthetics to the next level. This website does a tremendous job of utilizing the different marketing tech at the practice. The schedule now/schedule consultation buttons link directly to the schedule and allows patients to schedule directly into the practice calendar, all without having to pick up the phone. The header prominently showcases all 4 of the practice’s locations, and allows users to easily navigate to that location’s sub-page within the website. The internal pages are rich with video and custom content, to ensure that it ranks well in the search engines. 

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