Create an emotional connection with your patients.

Let's go through the patient journey together.

Time to put your new patient hat on! To demonstrate the power of video in attracting new high value patients I am going to take you through a theoretical situation where a person is searching online for a new dentist. We will call our prospective patient, Rob. Rob just moved to Alvin, Texas and doesn’t know anyone. Rob has been seeing his current dentist for the last 10 years and became good friends with his dentist over that time, but he knows he needs to find a new dentist because of the move. So he does what every other person in his position would do, turns to Google to find a new dentist. He types in his Google Search bar, “Dentist Near Me”.

Just like everyone else, Rob likes to do a little research before making the decision of who to trust with his dental care needs. He clicks on three different results and opens their websites...

Rob starts looking at the top three results his search query returned...

Website #1

Rob starts to look at website #1. Rob is thinking to himself, “This website looks exactly the same as every other website…”. In all reality, this isn’t a “bad” website, it just doesn’t stand out. Website #1 utilizes a bunch of stock photos and a very generic design. Aside from the bright colors, nothing about this website pops.

Website #2

Rob decides to check out the other tabs he opened up goes to website #2. Rob thinks to himself, “Wow, these first two websites look nearly identical. What’s up with all the dentists using stock photos…”. And it’s true, for years dental marketing companies have flooded the internet with the SAME stock photos.

Website #3

Starting to lose hope on finding a new dentist, Rob goes to open his final tab… First thing he sees, a video playing in the header of the website with drone footage of the practice and a water tower reading “Alvin”. Rob starts watching the videos and is thinking, “Wow, this practice looks really cool. I am going to need to a do a little more research…”

Rob does what many other patients do and visits the testimonial page...

To Rob's surprise, he discovers that this dentist has a couple different video testimonials so he decides to watch them to hear what current patients have to say about this intriguing new dentist.

While browsing the different patient testimonials, Rob also finds the practice overview video...

Rob is now selling himself on going to visit this doctor. His patients love him, his staff loves him. He thinks to himself, “I think I may have found my new dentist!”

Now Rob is getting excited, he sees how much this dentist's patients love him.

Rob thinks to himself, "Well apparently his patients and staff love him, but that could just be good marketing... Let's see if this doctor actually knows his stuff and what types of procedures he offers. I really need to get this smile of mine fixed..." Rob heads over to the procedures page.

Stand out from competition.

Tell your story.

Create an emotional connection with your patients.

And fill your chairs with patients excited to see you.

Attract more patients

It's no secret, people prefer watching video over reading text. Give your patients that extra attention.

boost your Search rank

Content is King. Supercharge your content by adding video so Google falls in love with your website.

Maximize Conversion

Website visitors are much more likely to schedule an appointment after watching videos.

stand out from competition

Stay ahead of the curve. 65% of small businesses who don't use video, plan to in 2018.

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Frequently asked questions

“Content is King” and Google its most loyal subject. Custom content is the foundation to any strong digital marketing campaign. With Video SEO we create 24-36 custom videos of the doctor/staff talking about different procedures and technology they offer in the office. Instead of releasing all the videos at one time, our experience shows if we release 2-3 videos per month it will maximize the rankings boost Google rewards us for continuously publishing new content. When the videos are released, we embed them on the corresponding procedure pages next to the text and photos already on those pages. The videos are also distributed across different online channels like YouTube, Facebook, and any other channels that are relevant.

  • Video SEO (24-36 1 min videos about different procedures and tech you want to showcase)
  • Practice Overview Video
  • Patient Testimonials
  • Doctor and Staff Bios

We offer a wide variety of custom video and photo solutions that all vary in price. Get Practice Growth also offers a la carte pricing and discounted prices when bundling multiple video and photo services together. Contact us to learn more.

No, we do not believe in contracts. We would rather prove our worth by providing our clients with an amazing ROI and earn their business month in and month out. 

Nope! We provide help with writing your script and load into the teleprompter we bring with us to video shoots. We understand that you are incredibly busy providing care for your patients and managing all the other facets of your practice. We handle everything from scheduling the video and/or photo shoot to post production services, ensuring that you can continue to focus on your patients. 

Yes, you definitely can. We have the ability to work in tandem with other marketing companies. However, some of our packages include a custom website. You can decide whether or not you want to advantage of that offer or keep running with your current website.

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